Or something to that effect.
I'm back on NG, 1 and a half years after my last uploads too.
Gonna try and upload a ton of tracks that i've produced since i was last online, but all tracks can be streamed on last.fm at http://www.last.fm/music/D-VoLVE

and my official website is at www.doubledmix.org.uk and follow the portal to the D-VoLVE blog :)

Whoo, 1st News Post and Shizz

2008-07-18 11:44:29 by D-VoLVE

Right, Haha! This is the OFFICIAL NG Page for D-VoLVE!

All the free tracks for his albums will be slowly starting to be uploaded over the coming week!

You may already know him as DanDyer on here, but 1. Forgot My password and 2. I've only just been bothered to come back to NG and go for it again..So yeah XD

Bio -
Dan Dyer, Originally known as Double|) and now as D-VoLVE is a techno and electronica musician. Having loved music from an early age, He is very comfortable composing and making music, And having developed his skills over the past 2 years, having undergone a name change and now shooting back out into the electronic world of music, He is ready to push himself to the limit by offering his services to people needing a music director or composer.

Having released 3 Albums, 1 EP and 1 Single under the pseudonym "Double|)" he renamed and revamped himself into "D-VoLVE" in which he is already developing his first album under this alias and has already released a promo.

Basically, Watch this space, D-VoLVE is gonna Re-VoLVE your world.